Solar Energy

Logistics for solar energy and photovoltaics

Exceptional products such as solar power equipment and their associated projects place the highest demands on you, as a manufacturer or producer of these new technologies, and on your distributors and service providers.

We are the professional partner for you, starting with the delivery of the raw materials such as silicon for example, through to the worldwide dispatch of photovoltaics and inverters, and right up to the logistics for complete solar parks, for major components of hydroelectric power stations or for wind rotors.

ELogisticspartner is your experienced and capable logistics professional, which undertakes quickly and safely all the necessary logistics tasks for the overall project.

Such equipment installations are subject to constant deadline pressure, from the very start in the production hall through to the transport of the equipment to the country of destination, and right up to the finished installation of the complete solar power equipment on site.

So that all parties can meet the high expectations of customers, investors and other contractual partners involved in the completion of the project, it is necessary to find secure and enduring solutions in all areas of the operation.

solar energy



An experienced and reliable transport partner such as ELogisticspartner should be involved right at the start of the project to properly assess all the logistical requirements from A to Z, and to coordinate and implement these together with you, before bringing them to a successful conclusion on time. These requirements cover the protective storage of goods, secure packaging for transport, timely availability of transport capacity, insurances, the transport of silicon and solar panels, the spare parts pool, everything right up to the fixed deadline at your installation sites worldwide.

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